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We are located across Canton Road from the Kroger Shopping Center at New Chastain Corners and Canton Road. The only 2 story brick building.


3660 Canton Road, Suite 110

Marietta, GA  30066

Body Wraps Atlanta | Herbal Body Wrap | Slimming Body Wraps
Body Wraps Atlanta 



Lose up to 1 clothing size in as little as 3 wraps and 2 weeks. Most of our clients who follow our program and instruction do! 
You can expect significant results after 3 wraps but we recommend a series of 7-12 wraps, with the most inches lost appearing after your 5th wrap.


Sculpting/Body Wrap
Kelly ★★★★★
Apr 2, 2012

Connie and Jodi are great and make you feel like family!! I have had both the Body Sculpting and the Signature Body wrap and both are amazing. I could tell a significant difference after just the first visit. I would recommend BOTH of these services to anyone looking to tone, lose weight, etc. Amazing!!!


LOVE the wrap!
Apr 13, 2012
After doing a series of 3 signature wraps, I am down 9 pounds! It is amazing the difference in the tone of your skin after just one wrap. Jodi and Connie are fabulous and make you feel at home. Overall a great spa experience. I will be back!
April 15, 2012

Soothing and Relaxing

Gaynelle ★★★★★
May 16, 2012

I had a total of 3 body wraps and since my visits I have been a walking billboard for healing harbour telling everyone how wonderful my experience was and wanting everyone to try it. I feel and look better and did lose 5 inches, skin is tighter and clothes fit better. I am a customer for years to come. Connie was wonderful and very knowledgeable in the process. See you ladies soon!

by Peggy
Ijust received 3 body wraps from Jodi and was delighted with the results. Jodi said that I would notice changes right away and I did. After only 3 wraps, I was a size smaller in my pants. As a matter of fact, my new pants kept falling down. Now that's what I call results! The whole thing was very relaxing and fun. Your body gets painted and wrapped up like a burrito. You listen to soothing music while the toxins are drained from your body. Couldn't be easier to lose those extra inches!
User Rating: ★★★★★






Healing Harbour Day Spa is nestled in Marietta, Ga.,  which is a northern suburb of Atlanta, Ga. This location is convenient to Kennesaw, Acworth, Roswell, Atlanta, Smyrna, Powder Springs, Canton, and Woodstock.


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