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We are located across Canton Road from the Kroger Shopping Center at New Chastain Corners and Canton Road. The only 2 story brick building.


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Eyelash Extensions

Novalash Eyelash Extensions


NovaLash Eyelash Extensions

Lash Extensions (New Set)     120 min                        $350.00

Lash Exten Touch Up              60 min                         $65.00

Lash Exten Touch Up              90 min                         $90.00

Lash Ext Touch Up                  120 min                       $120.00

Lash Extension Removal         30 min                         $35.00




Prepayment required to hold an appointment.

The average person requires a 90 min touch-up every 3-4 weeks for continued wear


Initial set takes 2 hours to apply.

Please read our CLIENT REVIEWS.

Master Eyelash Extension Artist, Jodi Cabena, combines health and safety with the creative talent of eyelash design. When properly applied these beautiful, weightless and practically maintenance free extensions can be worn for many years without damage to the clients natural lash. Enjoy longer eyelashes that are permanently curled.

Health and safety take top priority because she is a licensed esthetician, a nationally certified professional electrologist, and has been trained as a trainer for lash extensions by 2 of the top lash extension companies. One of the first to implement this one of a kind technology into her esthetics practice, her experience is vast. Her specialty is to make the dramatic look natural. Health and well being of the natural lash is never compromised with her applications.

Novalash is a semi-permanent eyelash application. Permanent eyelash extensions do not exist. The natural eyelashes shed and regenerate. The eyelash adhesive will eventually breakdown as well, so a permanent eyelash extension cannot exist. Novalash eyelash adhesive leads the industry for safety and durability.

While following strict standards for sanitization and sterilization, Jodi understands that the eyelash adhesive and lash extension products can make or break the short and long term effect of the application. We offer eyelash extensions by NovaLash™. It is the only product we carry and it is the only product that she would personally allow to be placed on herself.

False eyelashes are the wave of the future!  Be wise in your choice of application and product, so longer lashes can be yours for many years to come. 

NovaLash is the ONLY lash extension product that is:
•American made – Pharmaceutical grade
•Made in the USA in accordance with FDA recommendations   for formaldehyde content
NovaLash® eyelash extensions are an entirely new method of enhancing the length and thickness of eyelashes. Extensions are applied on a lash-by-lash basis for a totally natural look. When properly applied, NovaLash® eyelash extensions can last from up to six to eight weeks.
Most of the leading brands of lash extension adhesives tested by the AEWCA were found to contain toxic and carcinogenic irritants such as formaldehyde. Many untested industrial-grade adhesives (commonly used in auto manufacturing) enter the US and European market through China and Korea. These Asian-produced adhesives are branded in the US and marketed as "American" brands.
Because the eye area is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, the NovaLash team of physicians and scientists formulated the first formaldehyde-free, medical-grade lash extension adhesive (patent pending). Our adhesive is manufactured and delivered free of formaldehyde as confirmed by testing under EPA method TO-11A/8315HPLC-UV.  Once the adhesive is opened for use, diminimis amounts of formaldehyde are produced.”




Healing Harbour Day Spa is nestled in Marietta, Ga.,  which is a northern suburb of Atlanta, Ga. This location is convenient to Kennesaw, Acworth, Roswell, Atlanta, Smyrna, Powder Springs, Canton, and Woodstock.


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