Important Notices:

We are located across Canton Road from the Kroger Shopping Center at New Chastain Corners and Canton Road. The only 2 story brick building.


3660 Canton Road, Suite 110

Marietta, GA  30066

Facials & Advanced Skin Care

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Healing Harbour boasts the latest and greatest technology in corrective skincare. Whether you are seeking correction to existing problems, trying to prevent future issues or just wishing to pamper yourself while brightening your skin and appearance, Healing Harbour has just what you need. Continued education keeps our knowledge on the cutting edge of technology. We custom design a skincare program for each client and their individual needs. The program may contain one or more of the services and products listed below. We highly recommend that you schedule a consultation which will include a full skin analysis to determine which services and/or products that will best help you to achieve your goals.


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